Leica M3 / Summicron 50mm / Tri-X

Along with my Fuji X-T1, I also brought my (recently sold) Leica M3 along with me to Italy. I packed 4 rolls of Kodak Tri-X and 2 rolls of Ilford HP5. The M3 does not have a built-in light meter, and my phone was playing games with its battery life, so a lot of my shots were done with the Sunny16 principle and some were done just sort of winging it. But I'm really happy with some of the results.

Kris-Ann and I on the Malpensa Express from the airport to Milano Centrale. 

Having just arrived in Bellagio, a small town on Lake Como in northern Italy.

A gate in the southern part of Siena

The clock-tower in the piazza del campo, at the center of Siena

Sitting on the side of Lake Como, I assume looking for Clooney

A beautiful bar near the ferry in Bellagio

A B&W photo booth in the center of Florence near the Piazza di Sante Croce

A baby and her mom doing some afternoon shopping

An orange tree

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